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Flexible Ducting

Supplying Flexible Ducting in PVC, Silicone, Neoprene, Polyurethane (PU), Aluminium and Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) for heating, ventilation, fume extraction, high temperature applications and conveying abrasive materials.

Flextract PU4 PU Ducting

Flextract PU4 – PU Ducting is a medium duty polyurethane ducting for conveying dust, wood shavings and other abrasives. This flexible ducting hose has good chemical resistance and comes conveniently compressed for ease of shipping.

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Flextract PU7 PU Ducting

A highly flexible tough PU ducting,  ideal for the conveyance of abrasive materials such as sawdust, woodchips and granules. This is a Polyurethane Ducting made from a single-ply polyether, coated with a spring steel helix. A flexible ducting hose with good chemical resistance.

10 metres

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Grain Ducting

This is a Flexible Grain Ducting suitable for conveying seeds, grain, animal feed, flour or tea. A high quality food grade PU Ducting with a smooth bore.

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PU Ducting – Food Quality

A PU Ducting Hose manufactured from food grade polyurethane suitable for conveying flour, grain, granules and powders. Eolo PU Food Ducting has a smooth bore and a PVC external helix.

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Flexflyte Super

Flexflyte Super is a highly flexible black TPR ducting made from a 2-ply wall of thermoplastic rubber reinforced with axial and helical yarns and supported by a thermoplastic coated steel spring helix.

It has good oil and chemical resistance and excellent weathering and ageing properties. Ideal for air conveyance in harsh environments, fume removal & automotive air intake.

Temp Range
-30 to +150 DegC

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