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Metal Hoses and Assemblies

Suppliers of Flexible Exhaust Hose, Metallic Hose Assemblies, Conduit and Expansion Bellows for all applications.
PolyLock - Flexible Exhaust HosPolylockeIMAG0039

Manufactured in the UK from grade 304 Stainless Steel or Galvanised Steel in sizes ranging from 20mm(3/4") to 203mm(8") diameter, and can be cut to any length you require.
For Automotive or Stationary Engines such as generators PolyLock can be used as a connector or as a complete exhaust. And for Industrial situations its tough durable qualities are ideal for conveying abrasive materials or can be used as a protective conduit. For Agriculture PolyLock is used for grain transfer as well as conveying woodchips, pellets, animal feed, shavings and most other dry solids. PolyLock can be welded or clamped in to place, it can withstand temperatures up to 650 Deg.C, and because of its polyagonal interlocked construction will not unwind or lose its shape. It can cope with lateral and axial movement, and is flexible yet rigid enough to suit most applications. 
This product complies with BS EN ISO 15465:2004
We can supply all types of clamps to suit any size.

PolyLock Data Sheet
 (PDF File)     Prices - Polylock_Prices_PDF.pdf 
Mikalor Super Clamps W1                        
Mikalor Super Clamps W2             *All prices are Excluding VAT 

Welded Exhaust Assemblies
We can cut to length and fitt ends and flanges to suit any application.

Corrugated Braided Metal Hose
UFA_UFBX_UFC_Stainless_Steel_Metal_HoseCorrugated Metal Hoses are manufactured in the UK in sizes ranging from 3mm to 400mm. 
Available unbraided for general use, or single or double braided to withstand greater pressure.
Gastight, it is ideal for conveying liquid, fumes or gas at high temperatures and high pressures.  
Usually supplied with fitted ends to suit your application.

Corrugated Hose Data Sheet  (PDF File)

Metal Hose Assemblies
We can put together hose assemblies for all applications and industries including Gas, Electricity, Petrochemical, Nuclear, Automotive, Defence and Steam Generation. 

Whatever the application, environment, pressure or flex requirements, we can provide a steel hose assembly that will measure up to the demands. 


Data Sheet

Metal Armoured Conduit
img_cutdeburredFlexible, heat resistant and crushproof.
Stripwound metal tube manufactured from grade 304 Stainless Steel in Squarelock or Doublelock type construction.
Cut to any length you require.

Data Sheet  (PDF File)

Aluminium Semi-Rigid Ducting 
BendableA single-ply helically corrugated aluminium alloy hose. It is bendable yet self supporting. Manufactured in the UK it is sold in standard lengths of 3 metres.
Ideal for wood or gas heater ducting.
Suitable to use as ducting with Eberspacher, Mikuni & Webasto Heaters. 
Sizes range from 16mm to 550mm ID.
Temp Range: -30 to +250 DegC. 

Data Sheet
  (PDF File)

Stainless SSS_Ductingteel Ducting - Heater Flue

Stainless Steel Semi-Rigid Ducting, manufactured from Grade SS304.
Suitable for wood heater flue ducting & high temperature extraction and ventilation.

Can withstand temperatures up to 450Deg C.
Sizes from 40mm.

Expansion Bellows
Our bellows are fitted with carbon steel flanges PN16 or ASA150 as standard specification - other specs available to order. Tie bolts and vacuum rings are also available.
Larger sizes available on request.

Data Sheet  (PDF File)


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