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Spiraflex Ducting

Flexible Ducting, Marquee Ducting, Ventilation Ducting and Fume Extraction Hoses custom made to suit your requirements.

High Temperature Silicone Ducting

High Temperature Silicone Ducting for heating and ventilation ductwork. Suitable for portable heaters, space heaters diesel and propane heaters. Temperature range -90c to + 300c, Diameters from120mm to 1000mm, any required length up to 15m. Main uses are for very warm air movement, refrigerated air movement, hot exhaust gas and fume extraction. Supplied with cuffs/metal bands or rings.

High Temperature Exhaust Ducting

High Temperature Ducting used for hot air movement, exhaust ducting, fume extraction and other applications where a ducting is required for conveying extreme temperatures. Temperature range -90c to + 550c. Diameters from 120mm to 800mm, any required length up to 10m. Supplied with cuffs/ metal band each end.

Hypalon Ducting

Flexible Hypalon Ducting. Used for portable heater ducting and high temperature fume extraction and ventilation. Temperature range -50c to + 160c. Diameters from 120mm to 1000mm, any required length up to 15m and can be joined to make longer lengths. Main uses are warm air movement, building drying, crop drying, oil mist, fume extraction and heater ducting. Supplied with cuffs, metal bands or rings each end. Can be made as insulated duct.

Spiraflex PVC1 Ventilation Ducting

Heating and Ventilation Ducting also used for Marquee Ducting. Temperature range -20c to + 90c. Diameters from 120mm to 1500mm, any length up to 20m. Main uses warm or cool air movement, lightweight and durable flexible ducting. A wide range of end fittings and colours are available.

Spiraflex PVC2 Extraction Ducting

A flexible Extraction Ducting and Ventilation Ducting. Temperature range the same as PVC1, diameters are the same as PVC1. This is a heavier material than PVC1, the uses are the same but by altering the pitch of the wire these can be used as low vacuum suction ducting. A wide range of end fittings and colours are available.