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Industrial Hose

Suppliers of Rubber Hose and PVC Hose for industrial applications. Suction and Delivery Hoses for steam, hot water, oil and gas, petroleum, chemicals, biodiesel, sand and gravel, liquid food and aviation fuel hose. We can provide a hose for any application , high temperature, high pressure or abrasion.

Wire Reinforced Suction Hose

A Clear PVC wire reinforced suction hose. A clear food quality hose suitable for suction of powders and liquids. This hose has a smooth bore and is reinforced with an embedded steel helix.

European Food Grade & FDA Approved.

6mm to 150mm ID

-10DegC to +60DegC

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Seed Drill Hose

This is a tough flexible polyurethane food quality hose, suitable for many agricultural uses including Seed Drill Hose, Grain or Feed transfer, and conveying of flour and other dry materials.

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PVC Food Grade Hose

A lightweight clear non-toxic Flexible PVC Food Grade Hose.

An FDA approved food grade hose ideal for the delivery and light duty suction of foodstuffs, water, slurries and powders.

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PVC Water Suction Hose

Green medium duty PVC Water Suction Hose for suction and delivery of water, sewage, slurries and powders. This product is particulary popular in the agriculture, construction & general manufacturing industries.

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