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Composite Hose

Composite Hose for transferring fuels, oils and Chemicals. We can supply tanker hoses and long length composite hoses for the Oil and Gas, petrochemical, biofuels and energy industries. Our composite hose assemblies can be supplied in single lengths up to 50 metres long with any type of fitted hose coupling as required.

Tanker Hose Assemblies

We can provide tanker hose assemblies with a full range of tanker tuck fittings to suit your application. We supply composite hose assemblies suitable for suction and discharge of petroleum products and chemicals for ship to shore and tanker fuel loading and unloading, oil bunkering and conveying oils and chemicals in plant operations.

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Petroleum Hose

A composite petroleum hose for tanker hose applications, suitable for the transfer of a wide range of petroleum products. Available in lengths up to 50 metres.

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Fuel Delivery Hose

Dockside fuel delivery hose. This is a composite hose used in dockside applications for fuel delivery, oil bunkering and ship unloading of all types of petroleum products.

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Chemical Hose

A Chemical Hose for use in chemical plants and transportation industries.

This is a Composite hose for chemical transfer used in plant applications or as a tanker hose for delivery.

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Biodiesel Hose

A range of Composite Hoses including Biodiesel Hose and Ethanol Hose.

The Uni BioFuel 100 Biofuel Hose is a special composite or rubber fuel hose designed to handle all grades of biofuels including biodiesels to 100% and Ethanol fuel blends.

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