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Flexible Ducting and Flexible Hose Suppliers

Flexiducting and Tubing Limited are a leading suppliers of Flexible Ducting and Industrial Hoses.


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We have vast experience in providing flexible hose and ducting solutions for industries involved in petrochemicals, manufacturing, energy, marine, engineering, mining and agriculture. Our extensive range includes Metal Hoses, Composite Hoses, Spiraflex Ducting, Fire Hoses, Clips and Clamps. One of our main products we stock are all sizes of flexible exhaust hose in stainless steel and galvanised steel for generators, automotive and engine test beds, along with braided metal hose assemblies used in high pressure and high temperature situations. For air conditioning, heating and ventilation requirements we stock PVC and Aluminium Ducting and for hot air applications, Santoprene, Neoprene, and Silicone Ducting. If you require large diameter and longer lengths then our Spiraflex Ducting is custom made to suit your requirement whether it is for exhaust and fume extraction or marquee ventilation. In this range our Layflat ducting is Coal Board approved and ideal for mine ventilation. For transferring chemicals and oils including Biodiesel and Ethanol Fuels we can provide composite hose assemblies and Tanker Hoses in lengths up to 50 metres and fitted with hose couplings and fittings to suit your needs. Our Rubber Hose range of industrial and hydraulic hoses are capable of handling air, fluids, steam, fuel and bulk materials at high pressure and temperatures including Aviation Refuelling Hose – we also stock various water suction and delivery hoses in PVC.

Here at Flexiducting we can advise you on flexible hose and ducting and help you find the right solution whether it be Industrial vacuum clear hose, PU Ducting for sawdust and wood shaving, food grade hoses or flame retardant ducting for welding fumes.

If you cannot find a product for your application here then phone or email us and we will be happy to help.